Platform and advocacy

Affordable Housing


 Housing is a human right. We have over a century of collective experience protecting our neighbors from displacement by passing strong tenant protection and anti-displacement policies; and producing and passing ballot measures and legislation to fund thousands of new affordable housing units. Our slate supports smart density, particularly in encouraging transit-oriented growth and investing into our public transportation systems to support that growth.  In addition, while Cities like Oakland are building at record levels, only 7% of that current construction is affordable.  We must ensure that the housing we produce matches all the income levels of East Bay residents, and our focus needs to be on the production of low and middle-income housing with a special eye to our growing senior population and to ensure families are not displaced from Alameda County.  On and off the Central Committee, we will continue our fight for a Bay Area we can all call home!

Ending Homelessness


 We believe that no one should be homeless in California and that housing is a right. We believe in new permanent supportive housing to eliminate chronic homelessness. We advocate for section 8 housing vouchers giving preference to people experiencing homelessness or those who are at risk of experiencing homelessness. We advocate for the creation of new rental units that are affordable to extremely low income households, with priority given to housing for people who are experiencing homelessness. We believe in state funding to provide case management, healthcare and social services for people who are experiencing homelessness, or in danger of experiencing homelessness.     

Health Care for All


As California Democrats and Progressives, we believe that healthcare is a human right. In agreement with the California Democratic Party, we support and strongly advocate for legislation to create and implement a publicly-funded single-payer healthcare system that provides comprehensive, universal coverage for all Californians.  

Environmental Justice


  We believe that climate change is a crisis, a national security aspect and  one of the most important issues affecting California. We support a green new deal: A comprehensive energy security and climate protection law calling for full decarbonization of the United States economy running on net-zero emissions by 2050, creating millions of good jobs; investing in green infrastructure and industry; securing clean air and water, climate and community resilience, healthy food; and, access to nature for all.

Worker Rights


  We support a statewide living wage indexed for inflation. We support employer-provided defined benefit pensions as an essential part of retirement security. We strongly advocate for tax reform that eliminates corporate welfare and create an equitable tax system for all California working families. We support Labor Agreements for private and public sector infrastructure projects that provide employment for local hires and returning veterans. We believe in collective bargaining and the right to organize supporting enforceable organizing agreement. We Oppose so called “Right to Work” laws which deny workers the chance to build strong unions. We support the boycott of all employers who have permanently replaced striking workers. We support protecting the collective bargaining rights of both public and private sector workers and support binding arbitration for police and firefighters and other workers not allowed to strike. We stand for the right of all workers to earn a living wage and reject wage-based discrimination. We believe in an 8-hour workday with daily overtime and oppose any efforts to repeal the 40-hour workweek. We advocate for parental leave, paid sick days and vacation days for all workers and the protection of California's Paid Family Leave law. We advocate for workers safety programs with adequate and appropriate penalties for unsafe working conditions to include the safety regulations to address workplace violence. We believe in collective bargaining and the right to organize.   

Criminal Justice


 We are committed to a criminal justice system that provides fair and equitable treatment for all in furtherance of public safety for our communities. We are committed to eliminating all racial, gender and economic disparities within the criminal justice system to end mass incarceration in California prisons and jails. We believe in a full ban of the carotid restraint or any chokeholds. We support laws that will hold enforcement officers accountable for misconduct. We advocate for the implementation of a minimal use of force policy respecting the sanctity of life. We advocate for the creation of local civilian oversight for all law enforcement agencies and insist on independent investigators. We support the universal use of police body and dashboard cameras and prisoner compartment cameras during all custodial interviews to ensure transparency and accountability.  

Full Funding for Education


 We support improving California’s public education system by correcting years of insufficient funding, to adequately provide for universal preschool through 12th grade, as well as increase access to higher education and career and technical education by making it affordable or free.  We must tackle California’s abysmal per pupil spending, and equitably distribute increased funding to school districts with the greatest need. For Oakland Unified School District, with its proposed mass school closures, we strongly advocate for a third party financial audit of the District. Our schools must prepare students to live, thrive and participate as citizens by providing quality instruction and accurate and bias-free texts, rigorous and achievable expectations from properly compensated teachers and staff, we support school policies that provide sanctuary, utilize restorative disciplinary practices, seek to close the achievement gap, counter the school-to-prison pipeline, and teach students climate science, and an anti-discrimination curriculum. We will work tirelessly to properly fund and eliminate bias in higher education. California students must be prepared for and to access good jobs without overwhelming student debt.  

Immigrant Rights and Justice


 Our slate includes at least two immigrants who came to this country fleeing religious and political persecution and for economic opportunity, and a former deportation defense attorney. Immigrants enrich our cities, and a fair, just, and inclusive immigration system is needed to ensure our region continues to thrive. As a slate, we condemn the Trump administration's inhumane and cruel treatment of undocumented immigrants, in particular-children and demand for the immediate reunification of families. We believe those seeking asylum deserve humane access to food, hygiene and medical care. We oppose travel and immigration bans that are related solely to race, ethnicity, race, religion, or national origin. We support sanctuary city status and a path to legal residency for undocumented immigrants in our communities, with an expedited path to citizenship for DACA recipients and those who have been on family/marriage waiting lists for years. We affirm birthright citizenship, support the creation of an immediate path to citizenship for individuals who have served or worked with the U.S. Military. We also support the U and T visa process for women and victims of human trafficking and uphold the importance of the Violence Against Women Act to protect immigrants from abuse and slavery and oppose law enforcement agencies working with ICE to harass or target immigrants due to their immigration status.