Sheet Metal Workers Union Local 104 endorses!!

We are honored to have the endorsement and rapport of the Local 104 Union Chapter!


Endorsement News!

We are honored to have the endorsement of Assembly Woman Buffy Wicks for our election to the Alameda County Central Committee.  Buffy Wicks is a great Progressive leader represnting the 15th Assembly District. 

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East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club Endorsement Meeting

Igor Tregub, Michael Barnett, Wendy Bloom, Soli Alpert, George Perezvelez, Bobbi Lopez, Andy Kelley

The East Bay Labor Progressive Slate talking about LGBTQI rights, housing, healthcare, education, criminal justice, worker rights and the environment at the East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club!


East Bay Labor Progressives presenting their credentials at the Wellstone Revival Democratic Club for the 15AD County Central Committee election. We are grateful to the leadership and membership for their support Of some of our slate members.